Smallbatch: Your Top-Notch Organic Raw Pet Food

Different brands of raw pet food claim that they are 100% organic. It is why choosing the best brand is challenging. If you are looking for the best organic raw pet food in the market, Smallbatch is what you are looking for.

Who is Smallbatch?

This family-owned brand is a small business that started in 2005. Their love for pets leads them to produce top-notch raw pet food. The commitment of Smallbatch to using only the highest quality ingredients and producing their recipes without sacrificing their nutritional worth sets them apart from others.

The company uses only pure, genuine supplements like organic kelp and bee pollen, as well as organic fruits and vegetables, meats free of hormones and antibiotics, and carefully chosen organic herbs and vegetables.

Furthermore, Smallbatch products cannot be bought from major online shops because they dedicated their brand to helping and supporting local businesses.

What Products Do Smallbatch Offers?

Smallbatch has a wide range of raw dog food to choose from. They have frozen, freeze-dried, or lightly cooked sliders or patties. They also have meat-only and meat-plus-veg chubs.

They do not stop there to give pets the food they deserve, they also offer treats like jerky, frozen bites, frozen hearts, and marrow bones.

As for flavors, they have chicken, beef, turkey, lamb, duck, rabbit, and pork, which they mix with veggies, herbs, and fruits. Here are their available raw dog food for pets:

  • Chickenbatch
  • Turkeybatch
  • Beefbatch
  • Duckbatch
  • Lambbatch
  • Rabbitbatch
  • Porkbatch

Dog Freeze-Dried     

  • Chicken Freeze-Dried
  • Beef Freeze-Dried
  • Turkey Freeze-Dried
  • Duck Freeze-Dried
  • Lamb Freeze-Dried
  • Pork Freeze-Dried

Dog Lightly Cooked

  • Chickenbatch
  • Beefbatch
  • Turkeybatch

Smallbatch Blends

  • Meat Only
  • Meat & Veggie


  • Freeze-Dried bites
  • Freeze-Dried hearts
  • Jerky
  • Bones

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