Reasons to Try the Raw Cat Food Diet According to Experts

Millennials are known to be pet lovers. In fact, most millennials choose to adopt pets instead of having children. Or smaller families tend to add pets to their households.


In the US alone, there are 46.5 million households that own cats. Because of this, the market for pet food has been increasing yearly.


The pet food market was estimated to be worth USD 99.1 billion in 2022, and from 2023 to 2030, it is expected to rise at a compound annual growth rate of 4.3%.


The rising consumer interest in adopting pets and growing worries about their health would fuel the demand for pet food. It's very evident in the rising popularity of raw pet food diet.


What Exactly is Raw Food?


Uncooked and unprocessed cat food is known as raw cat food. Raw food's primary components are uncooked meat, organs, and ground bone. Raw food's major nutrients, vitamins, and minerals must be in the right proportions to ensure optimum health.


Cats must eat a diet rich in animal proteins since they are natural carnivores. Plant proteins cannot sustain their dietary requirements. Since raw food diets are the least processed source of animal protein, many pet owners choose them for their cats.


The Benefits of the Raw Food Diet for Cats


Pet parents switch to raw food diet for cats because of its numerous benefits. Here are some of them.


  • Increased energy: Cats rely on protein for energy. Because raw cat food's main ingredient is high-quality protein, it improves the energy of your feline friend.

  • Improved digestion: Raw food for cats is wholesome food with no additives, which makes it easy to digest and process in the digestive system.

  • Healthy Weight: The high protein content in raw cat food prevents them from overeating to compensate for the lack of proteins in processed foods.

  • Hydration: Cats cannot stay hydrated on dry food because it does not have enough moisture, while raw cat food has natural moisture that ensures proper hydration.


Things To Consider Before Giving Raw Cat Food


While feeding your cat a raw diet has many advantages, there are a few considerations you should make first, like:


  • The potential risk of illness in handling raw meat

  • The proper sanitation to prevent infections from raw pet food

  • The proper hygiene for pets after eating raw food

  • Making raw cat food at home can cause nutritional imbalance. Consult your trusted vet first.

  • The meat source should be reputable and uses only high-quality products

  • The time and effort that you should put into preparing, feeding, cleaning, etc., raw food.


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