Never Feed Your Dog These 3 Foods

Dogs look cute and needy whenever you eat, so it may be difficult not to feel the urge to feed them. However, you should never feel obliged to share a meal, especially if it is not good for them. But how does one know what meal is right and what to stay away from? Below are a few food options that your dog should never have at any point.

1. Chocolates

Although these are great for celebrations and special events, chocolates are probably one of the worst foods to give your dogs. They can be dangerous because of theobromine which is very harmful to dogs. Besides that, most chocolate has caffeine which is poisonous to dogs. 

Caffeine is known to cause seizures and trigger conditions such as high blood pressure and other severe conditions in dogs. Talk to dog food experts from Houston Raw Pet Food to know which alternatives are healthier and better for your dogs than feeding them chocolate. There are better treats to give your dog whenever you need to reward them.

2. Grapes

It may be difficult to imagine how grapes can be dangerous to dogs. However, all grapes are dangerous to dogs and can lead to death in severe cases. Grapes tend to cause kidney failure and could trigger other serious illnesses in dogs. The raisin is very concentrated and causes serious side effects, including lethargy, loss of appetite, vomiting, and nausea. 

It is important to take your dog to the vet immediately if it consumes grapes. Treat this as an emergency case immediately. While some dogs may react adversely, others are hardly affected. Never assume that your dog is in good shape because it could develop kidney failure quickly.

3. Cooked bones

While raw bones are great and highly recommended for dogs, cooked ones can be very dangerous. Raw bones are loaded with useful nutrients and make appropriate treatment. On the other hand, the cooked version can be problematic and cause a lot because they are brittle and can easily get into the dog's intestines, causing many other issues. Therefore, if you must give your dog bones, give raw ones.

Symptoms that Should Prompt you to Take Action

Dogs that have a problem with their diet will show signs and symptoms. For instance, they may be lethargic. If they cannot maintain a steady mood, you should consider visiting a vet for further checks. 

An upset stomach is another symptom to check. This should be a cause for concern if the dog keeps vomiting every few hours. Please pay attention to whether the vomiting worsens every few hours because it could indicate serious conditions that need to be checked by a doctor.

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