Is Raw Pet Food Suitable for Cats?

Giving pets the best possible health is every fur parent's top priority. And one of the important aspects of their health is the food they consume. Nowadays, feeding pets raw food diet is the favored method for improving their health and well-being.

Cats are natural carnivores. Just like dogs, before cats became domesticated, they lived off eating food that was available to them. It is why switching cats to raw food is beneficial.

The Biologically Accurate Raw Food or BARF diet employs meals that resemble the food that wild cats and dogs consumed in the past. This kind of diet includes fresh and uncooked meat and bones. Also, it contains herbs, vegetables, dairy products, and supplements.

What to include in a cat's raw food diet?

Cats are carnivores. A large percentage of their diet must consist of proteins. To provide a balanced meal, cats need organs and bones in their diets, such as chicken, rabbit, duck, turkey, pheasant, etc.

To balance their diet, you can add a small number of fruits or vegetables to their meals. Check with your trusted vet to ensure that you are giving the proper nutrients to your cat.

Can you make homemade raw cat food?

While raw food may sound like an effortless feeding process, it may pose a great risk of bacterial infection if you do not handle it properly. Raw pet food diet does not mean giving fresh-from-the-market meat or bones.

There is a preparation involved to ensure that the food is not contaminated with bacteria like salmonella. You can prepare your cat's raw food at home but ensure proper handling of your petโ€™s raw food.

Additionally, raw diets do not use preservatives to keep the food fresh. Making raw food for your cat is a daily requirement.

In conclusion, giving your cat a raw pet food diet gives a lot of benefits to its well-being, especially for its health.

Make sure to pick a top-grade quality protein when switching your cat to raw food diet. Research suggests that pets need more protein as they age. Proteins maintain lean muscle mass and support healthy organ development and immune system function.

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