Is It Practical to Switch My Senior Dog's Diet to Raw Food?

Many fur parents worry that changing their senior dogs' diet might be too drastic and that their dogs' bodies will not respond well.

Contrary to that belief, it's the opposite. Changing your dog's diet to raw food is never too late.

Poor diet from commercial pet food contains fats, fillers, and low protein. Over time this will cause poor health for dogs, including:

  • Dental or gum disease
  • Gastrointestinal disease
  • Obesity
  • Arthritis
  • Liver, kidney, & hormonal disease
  • Weakened immunity

Raw Food Diet Benefits to Senior Pets

Raw food diet lowers their risks of contracting degenerative diseases and arthritis as well as the effects these ailments have on their joints. It helps to maintain a healthy weight that prompts them to remain active and lively.

Due to the extra additives in processed meals, our pets frequently develop skin conditions. A raw food diet will lessen their chances of developing skin ailments, hormone imbalances, liver, kidney, and dental diseases. Additionally, raw food is good for your senior pets' digestive tract. Because it doesn't have unnecessary additives meaning, it is easier to digest and will not cause stress to their tummy.

What Happens After Switching to Raw Dog Food?

Detoxification is the term used to describe the natural process by which the body rids itself of toxins through the skin and organs. Some dogs may experience this after switching to raw food, particularly if they have been fed kibble for the majority of their life.

Older dogs are likely to experience a little longer detoxification time than younger dogs. If symptoms appear, do not be alarmed. This reaction is typically a sign that your dog's body is eliminating impurities. The body must make room for all the new and enhanced nutrients.

The Best Raw Pet Food for Your Dog

Make sure to pick a top-grade quality protein when switching your senior dog's raw food diet. Aging pets need to eat more protein, and raw dog food can provide quality protein.

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