Is It Okay to Give Raw Meat to Pets?

Today in modern times, humans provide processed food to pets. Processed food like kibble contains grains and other fillers that pets cannot digest. And a long period of feeding this to pets can cause poor health.

But back in the day, cats and dogs have been nature's scavengers and hunters. Cats seek out little meals throughout the day, whereas dogs usually overeat and then go on fasting.

Not only that, but back then, cats and dogs had to eat what was available because it was difficult to tell when the next meal would come. 

Yes, feeding raw pet food to pets is the best. Raw pet food has many benefits to your pet's health.

Does Raw Pet Food Have Salmonella and Parasites? 

Salmonella and parasites are the biggest concern of all fur parents. Who can blame them? Fur parents don't want anything harmful to happen to their pets. 

Salmonella is a primary concern to humans. But for cats and dogs, it is not because some salmonella is in their gastrointestinal tracts, so their bodies are familiar with it. 

In fact, the research found that a significant percentage of healthy cats and dogs have salmonella in their body. Cats and dogs are natural predators. They hunt, kill, and eat their fresh prey. And that their body can handle a variety of bacteria.

Roundworms, tapeworms, and hookworms are examples of parasites that live in the stomachs of animals. You won't spot parasites when you purchase raw pet food because they live in the intestines.

Also, sterile muscle meat is the part sold as raw pet food. The intestines that have the parasites are extracted and discarded. The meat is frozen for three days before selling as raw pet food.

Why are Some People Still Skeptical About Raw Pet Food?

Handling and serving raw pet food requires strict steps to follow because a small mistake can cause contamination to the raw food that you are going to give to your pets. It is why some are skeptical about giving raw pet food to their pets.

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