How to Triumph Over Your Pet's Pickiness?

Every fur parent went through an ordeal called pet pickiness. This behavioral disease is rampant, and both experts and novice pet owners encounter it.

Pickiness is a condition associated with an imbalance in the gut microbiome that increases because of behavioral patterns instilled by years of poor nutrition and breeding methods.

Many articles and blogs discuss overcoming pickiness, but the reasons behind this behavioral disease are not always discussed.

Cats and Dogs Feeding Diet History

Cats and dogs have both been scavengers and hunters throughout recorded history, with cats often pursuing small meals throughout the day while dogs typically overeat and go on fasting. Because it was hard to predict when the next meal would be, cats and dogs back then had to consume what was available. 

Today, in the modern world, humans provided a scheduled mealtime for pets. In 1956 kibble was introduced to bring convenience to pet owners. But over time, this commercial pet food caused degenerative diseases and perceived pickiness.

Why Cats and Dogs Become Picky 

Bacteria in the gut control your pet's food preferences. Also, it sends signals to the brain. Cats and dogs have different bacteria inside their digestive tract. And these bacterias cause cravings.

For example, the bacteria that support the digestion of fats and carbs are two separate groups. Each of them, and the thousands of other varieties of bacteria, can cohabit in balance in the gut by promoting a diverse healthy food diet. Additionally, the more you feed on them, the more they multiply.

Feeding your pets the same food constantly will develop a significant imbalance in their gut bacteria which causes pickiness.

How To Prevent Pickiness

Introducing diverse raw pet food is the key to your pet's pickiness. But you have to note that you cannot transition your pet easily. You have to make a slowly but surely plan on how to switch your pet's diet from kibble to raw food.

If your pet is picky, it is clear that your pet's gut has an imbalance of bacteria. We at Houston Raw Pet Food advise meals like bone broth and raw goat milk as first aid in this behavioral disease. Bone broth and raw goat milk are the best for strengthening the gut wall and promoting good microbial culture.

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