How to Manage your Cat’s Raw Diet in your Absence?

The first thought that might strike your mind while switching your cat’s diet to raw food is “who will feed your cat in your absence?” This is especially a concern when you are planning a holiday. 

Cats are species that need constant attention and care. During your daily routine, you can easily make sure that your cat gets all that it needs. But what about the days when you are out on a holiday? Taking your cat along might not be an option. Thus, here’s some information to help you out. 

Fulling your Cat’s Needs 

Here are a few options you can try to keep your cat well-fed while you are away on a holiday. 

      1. Reduce the feedings 

If your cat is feeding on raw food, it will need 2 to 3 servings in a day. But when you are out, you can ask someone to come and feed it at least twice a day. Further, if you feel, you can ask the same person to give a third meal of canned or cooked food without carbs. 

      2. Use an automatic feeder 

You can also use a refrigerated automatic feeder that can keep the food covered and cold until your next visit.

      3. Add a bit of kibble 

If your cat has never been on a kibble diet, you can include a small portion of kibble along with its usual raw food. While you do this, remember not to add too much kibble or any fish-flavored processed foods as those can be addictive. You can always begin with regular raw food once you are back. 

      4. Change the delivery address 

If you order your raw food online and plan to take your cat along on a holiday, change the delivery address to your holiday destination. This will work efficiently and provide you with fresh raw food. 

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