How to Help Your Dog's Sensitive Stomach

Dogs with sensitive stomachs are more common than most people know about. Watching your dog vomit or diarrhea when they eat a specific food is never an interesting affair. It is even more disturbing when they mess up your favorite carpet with the contents as they try to get them out of their system. You could do several things to help relieve your dog from such discomfort, especially after visiting the vet and ruling out any ailments. Keep reading for interesting tips.

Watch out for Symptoms

Your dog will show specific symptoms of a sensitive stomach. However, these symptoms are alarming and resemble most symptoms triggered by other conditions. Therefore, it is always advisable to visit a vet officer before you can conclude that your dog has a sensitive stomach. Common symptoms of stomach sensitivity in dogs include:


  •   Frequent burping and gas
  •   Diarrhea and vomiting
  •   Loss of appetite
  •   Ability to sit still
  •   Eating grass
  •   Attitude change
  •   Drooling, Lip-smacking, or gulping
  •   Loss of energy and focus

Note that some ailments in dogs will show up in similar symptoms, especially at the initial stages. You need the vet to rule out diseases such as pancreatitis, irritable bowel disorder, and gastroenteritis.

But What Causes Sensitive Stomach in Dogs?

Several factors can trigger sensitive stomachs in dogs. The number one culprit, in most cases, is often food. However, the wrong diet can cause sensitivity in your dog's stomach, especially if it is kibble. This is where Houston Raw Pet Food experts come in with the right advice on the best dog food.

Some dogs are also genetically predisposed to stomach sensitivity. Dehydration can also easily cause sensitive stomach concerns in dogs.

The good news is that your dog's stomach sensitivity can be helped regardless of the trigger. Always check for dehydration in dogs by looking at their gums. Shiny gums are a healthy indication. You could also pinch the skin at the neck region to check for dehydration. Your dog is dehydrated if the skin does not fall back immediately.


Potential Ingredients Causing Dog's Sensitive Stomach

Always check your dog's feed for specific ingredients. Surprisingly, some of their ingredients could be causing sensitive issues. The food mustn't contain the following:

  •   Meat by-products
  •   Ethoxyquin
  •   BHA or BHT (Chemical preservatives)
  •   Sodium Hexametaphosphate
  •   Animal fat
  •   Cellulose
  •   Food dyes
  •   Carbs like corn and rice

Treating your Dog's Sensitive Stomach

Despite the cause of the sensitivity, you can reverse the dog's issue by taking a few simple steps.

  1. Replace or change their diet. Move from giving kibble, which could majorly contribute to their problem. Instead, feed them a BARF (Bones and Raw Food) diet, which is more natural.
  2. Control what dogs consume and ensure they stay away from plants and trash.
  3. Make sure the dog eats slowly. 
  4. Walk them at the right time, usually a time not so close to eating time.

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