How to Feed your Dog Sufficiently?

Have you already switched your dog’s diet to raw food? If yes, then we appreciate your wise decision. By switching your dog’s diet to raw food, you have taken a step ahead in improving its overall health and have added a few more years to its life. 

Now that you have switched already, you must be confused as to how much raw food should you feed your dog to keep them healthy. You can find answers to this question in the blog below. 

Accurate Raw Dog Food Feeding Chart

While raw food is extremely healthy for your dog, over-feeding and underfeeding them can still lead to a few health problems. Moreover, you also need to consider your dog’s breed, size, age, weight, and gender when you begin their raw food diet. 

Not all breeds and ages of dogs require the same amount of food. The amount of food needed also depends on your dog’s metabolism. 

If you have a small breed dog weighing 15 lbs or less, you might want to feed them 8 ounces of food daily which is split into 4 meals a day. You can further increase the amount of food as the dog grows but remember to keep their body weight in mind. 

A medium breed dog weighing between 20 to 60 lbs will need about 2.5% of its body weight of raw food in their adult stage. This equals about 16 ounces of food in a day. However, if the dog is still a pup, then the ratio reduces. 

In case you have a large breed dog weighing 70 pounds or more, they are bound to have a higher metabolism rate. Therefore, they will need 2% to 3% of their body weight food daily. However, if they weigh more than 100 pounds, you can give about 3 pounds of raw food to keep them healthy. 

Follow this chart for more information on the weight-to-food ratio. 

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