How to Feed Raw Dog Food: A Beginner's Guide

Pet owners always worry if they give healthy food to their pets. Often, they will try different pet diets to know which one is the most suitable for their pets.

Fortunately, a much healthier pet diet has emerged, Raw Pet Food.

It's a good thing that there's a lot of information available now about feeding raw pet food. Because providing raw pet food as your pet's main source of nutrition is remarkably advantageous to their health.

What is Raw Pet Food Diet?

Basically, a raw diet is what it means, raw food. In the past, cats, and dogs fed on raw meats that were available in the wild. A raw diet mimics that kind of diet. Today raw pet food is given to pets to provide a healthier option that will benefit their well-being.

The Biologically Accurate Raw Food (BARF) or raw diet employs meals that resemble the food that wild cats and dogs consume in the past. This kind of diet includes fresh and uncooked meat and bones. Also, it contains herbs, vegetables, dairy products, and supplements.

The Benefits of Raw Food Diet to Dogs

Dogs often suffer from diseases. Switching to raw food diet can improve their health. Their chance of developing degenerative diseases and arthritis, as well as the consequences these conditions have on their joints, are reduced by a raw food diet.

Raw food diet also maintains a healthy weight that encourages them to stay active and vibrant.

Also, dogs frequently suffer skin disorders as a result of the additional ingredients in processed foods. Their risk of acquiring skin conditions, hormonal imbalances, and liver, kidney, and dental disorders will be lower if you switch them to raw foods.Β 

Additionally, the digestive system of your older pets will benefit because there are no unnecessary ingredients. It is simpler to digest and won't upset their stomach.

How much Raw Food Should I Feed my Dogs?

It is advised that dogs take two to five percent of their body weight in raw food each day. It occasionally depends on how energetic and active the dog is.

But 2% to 5% of their body weight is the general recommendation.

Make sure to pick a top-grade quality protein when switching your dog to raw food diet. Research suggests that pets need more protein as they age. Proteins maintain lean muscle mass and support healthy organ development and immune system function.

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