How to Continue My Cat's Raw Food Diet If I Am On Holiday?

Every fur parent's (switching to raw pet food) dilemma is how can they consistently feed their cat the raw food diet if ever they go on a vacation? 

This kind of predicament is valid and reasonable. As fur parents, our pets are our utmost priority. Every time we have to leave for a few days or weeks, we always have the dilemma of leaving our pets behind.

Leaving them in our neighbor's care is not always reassuring because leaving them for a few days can alter their diet, and the time and effort in transitioning them to raw pet food diet can be put to waste.

Also, leaving our pets on their own can put so much emotional stress on them because they know if you are not home with them. As much as possible, bringing your pet with you when you go on holiday is still the best choice. But if it isn't possible, you can follow these tips:

  • Have someone come and check on them regularly, and reduce the feedings to two times a day.
  • An automatic refrigerated feeder is useful in keeping their food sanitized and chilled.
  • You can leave freeze-dried food for your cat.
  • If you are bringing your cat, you can change your delivery address so you can still have raw pet food for your cat. Or search for a raw pet food shop near your location.
  • Ensure access to their favorite herbs, cardboard boxes, toys, and extra litter boxes.
  • Leave a clean and well-maintained water fountain or several bowls of water to avoid dehydration.

These are some tips you can use to ensure the safety and wellness of your cat when you leave for a holiday. You can add things that will work for you and your cat better without sacrificing their healthy lifestyle.

Transitioning your cat to a raw food diet requires a lot of effort and patience, and putting it to waste because you are away on holiday is not ideal. You can still provide healthy, fresh, and organic raw pet food for your cat, even if you are on holiday.

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