How Does Raw Pet Food Help Heal Hot Spots?

Dogs despite extreme care can suffer from allergies, infections, or illnesses. One such infection they suffer from is the hot spots. These are the signs of irritated skin which further developed into a bacterial infection. Hot spots are red-colored moist patches usually found on a dog’s neck, head, hips, or limbs. If left untreated, these can become severe and painful and lead to oozing, matted fur, scabbing, and even loss of fur in infected areas. 

Therefore, hot spots should be treated as soon as possible. 

Causes of Skin Irritation 

Skin irritation can be a result of imbalance or infection from continuous scratching or gnawing. However, the scratching or gnawing can be caused due to one of the following reasons: 

  • Obsessive chewing or licking from boredom or stress 
  • Anal gland infection 
  • Ear infection 
  • Matted fur 
  • Splinters or thorns 
  • Flea allergy 
  • Insect bites 
  • Abrasions or cuts 
  • Food allergy 

These signs could become worse during the summer months leading the immune system to cope in the form of inflammation, itching, heat, redness, and pain. 

Symptoms of Hot Spots 

If you suspect your dog suffering from hot spots, you can look out for the following symptoms: 

  • Lethargy or depression due to pain 
  • Unusual aggression due to pain 
  • Foul odor from hot spot lesions
  • Moist matted fur 
  • Hair loss with dry and scaly skin 
  • Oozing sores 
  • Continuous licking, chewing, or scratching 
  • Painful and itchy patch of skin 
  • Inflammation and redness in the infected area

Treating your Dog’s Hot Spots 

While you can always take your dog to a vet for expert care, there’s one more way to treat their hot spots-by feeding them raw pet food. Since raw pet food consists of unprocessed meat along with other healthy contents, it helps a lot in improving your dog’s digestion and immune system. 

A balanced raw diet from Houston Raw Pet Food in Houston, Texas is a great remedy to treat hot spots and other infections. Therefore, buy your pack of raw pet food from our online store today! Contact us now for more details. 

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