Grooming Your Dog At Home

Taking care of your dog is a necessity and something every dog parent should prioritize. Besides feeding them the right healthy food, you also need to invest in overall dog grooming practices. Equip yourself with the core skills of properly grooming your dog to ensure it is healthy and presentable.

Bathing the Dog

The first step to proper grooming of dogs is to ensure its coat is clean. This means bathing it with the right products and using the right technique to avoid accidents. The last thing you need is to terrify the dog by bathing it wrongly.

How Frequent Should you Wash your Dog?

Not all dog breeds are similar. However, washing your dog at least once every three months is important. However, depending on the breed, some dogs can stay for longer or shorter without needing to be washed. Be careful not to over-wash your dog as this could lead to drying up of the skin. Sometimes all you need to know that your dog is due for a wash is when it becomes too dirty or smelly.

How Do You Wash the Dog?

Never force your dog to bathe. Instead, make the process easy by introducing the idea to them. First, let them get used to the idea of running water. You can then allow them to keep their paws in the water and gradually increase the water over time. Making your dog feel comfortable with each step of the way is the fastest and easiest way to ensure that they enjoy the process.

If your dog fusses every bath time, make sure you take a long walk or run beforehand. By the time you get to wash them, they will be too exhausted to be over-aggressive. Alternatively, using a high-value treat could help the dog develop a positive association with bathing time. The idea is to make it feel more like playtime than something repulsive.

Bathing your Dog - The How To

Once your dog agrees to get into the water, you must do the right job. First, ensure your water is lukewarm and wet the dog's fur. Next, use a soft washcloth to wash the dog's face and gently stroke the dirt away from this area.

Grooming your Dog

Long-haired dogs need regular grooming. Find ways to keep the long hair clean at home since professional groomers can be expensive and unmanageable.

Read and watch tutorials to know how best to groom your dog. Then, learn how to do this at your own pace, and make sure you are confident about it before you start snipping away the fur.

Make sure you understand how to groom your dog, starting with the fur, nails, and other details you need to take care of. Dog grooming is not complicated if you take the time to learn.  

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