Five Tips On How to Feed Your Dogs Raw Liver

The raw liver has a strong and distinct smell, agreed! And while it offers a lot of health benefits to dogs, it is also an essential part of the raw food diet for pets. But some dogs cannot stand eating liver. And we should blame it on its texture and smell.

If your dog doesn't like to eat raw liver, it doesn't mean that you should stop feeding it to them. As stated above, the liver is essential to the raw food diet. It contributes a significant amount of nutrients to your dog's overall health.

Houston Raw Pet Food will guide you on how you can feed raw liver to your furry friend with these tips:

       1. Chop and Mix

Chop the liver or any organ into tiny pieces and mix it with your dog's meal. The most effective way is to mix it with ground meat, especially your dog's favorite meat. Or you can stuff the liver inside a large piece of meat by making a slit into it.

       2. Frozen Liver

Cut the liver into small chunks and freeze it. This way will hide its smell and texture. But do not overfeed your dog with frozen treats or meals cause it can lower your dog's temperature.

       3. Cook the Outsides by Searing

Put the liver in a scorching hot pan for a few seconds. Sear both sides. It will remove the smell and change the texture of the liver or organ. Do not overcook because it will destroy the natural nutrients. Then, slowly transition your dog from the seared liver to the raw liver. 

      4. Variety is Key

Try giving liver from different animals. Your dog might not like beef liver but loves chicken or turkey liver.

      5. Tough Love

Try this approach to your healthy dogs only. Dogs won't starve themselves for a long time. Even if they don't like liver or organs, consistently giving it to them will eventually beat their refusal to eat raw liver or organs.

 If all else fails, and they still do not eat liver or organs, give them a dehydrated liver or organ. Although this version of raw liver or organ has fewer nutrients compared to the fresh raw liver, it can help in transitioning them to the fresh raw liver.

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