Feeding Raw to your Dogs-A Complete Guide

Feeding raw to your dogs and cats has become a trend among pet parents these days. Some say it is good for a dog’s teeth and gums, while others claim it to be a healthy source of nutrients. But how do we know if these claims are true? 

Well, this can be established by a little more research and reading this blog. Read ahead to know more about the benefits of raw food for dogs. 

Raw Food Diet for Dogs

The raw food diet for dogs mainly involves feeding raw meat, eggs, bones, fruits, and vegetables. These food items are in their purest state without any additional flavors, colors, or preservatives. This also means it is extremely healthy. Also, raw food bought from a reliable source is bound to be clean and hygienic. Meaning, it has a fairly lower chance of bacterial contamination. 

With all these properties in mind, it is now clear that raw food tops processed foods like kibble. Hence, if you are planning to switch your dog’s diet, then do it sooner. 

Assuring Safe Feeding

Despite the benefits of feeding raw, there are still a few risks involved in the process. One of them is bacterial contamination. Since the raw food does not undergo any processes or has added preservatives, the chances of bacterial contamination increase. However, this can be avoided by buying raw food from a reliable source. Specialized raw pet food vendors make sure that their product is stored in cold and hygienic conditions. Thus, buying it from them assures quality. 

Another chance of contamination arises while feeding. Feeding them with dirty hands or storing food in unideal conditions can increase the risk of bacterial development. 

Transitioning to Raw Food 

If your dog has been feeding on kibble for a long time now, the transition will take some time. At first, you might see your dog rejecting the raw food, but that should not discourage you. Patience is all you need during this transition stage. 

You can begin by mixing raw food and kibble in different proportions and eventually switch to 100% raw food. 

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