Dog Poop: What Are They Telling You About Their Health?

Before you decide to have a dog, one thing you should consider is dog poop. Yes, just like humans, dogs regularly poop. But they cannot clean after themselves just like we do.

Part of being a fur parent is constantly scooping up dog poop. Even your most adorable pet will regularly make you scoop up their poop. It stinks, I know. While cleaning up a dog's poop is not fun, it is essential. Your dog's poop can tell you about what's going on inside its body.

Here are the common signs of your dog's poop and their meaning.

Note the Color

Just like humans, dog poop has different colors depending on their diet.

  • Light/dark brown

This color is the ideal and healthy poop. It means that your dog's gut is normal.

  • Yellow

If you feed your furry friend lots of poultry-containing raw food, yellow poop is expected.

  • Grey

In some cases, this can indicate a raw food diet high in fat.

  • Orange

This color could be caused by artificially colored food or vegetables you have fed your pet, such as carrots and pumpkins.

  • Green

Raw diets that contain too many leafy greens or grass can cause this color.

  • White

Usually, it means you feed your dog something with a higher bone content (like chicken or our classic case).

You have to note also that different colored poop accompanied by being fussy are signs to bring them to the vet.

The Consistency

The consistency of your pet poop should be play-doh-like. If it is loose and liquid-like, your dog most likely ate something it shouldn't. In most cases, this will clear up on its own. But if it doesn't clear up after 3 to 4 days, call your vet.

Mucous-Coated Poop

Dogs whose stools appear mucous-coated may have a bacterial infection or be detoxing from a poor diet. Mucous can be a sign of a bacterial infection or a sign that the digestive tract is trying to eliminate something.

Switching to Raw Pet Food

Switching your dog to raw food diet is beneficial to you and your pet. Aside from having multiple benefits, raw food diet produces less amount and mild odor poop because it doesn't have indigestible fillers.

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