Differences Between Freeze-Dried Raw Food and Dehydrated Dog Food

Fur parents are now embracing a much healthier diet for their pets. Today, you will notice that most fur parents ditch kibble for "home-prepared" pet food or raw pet food. It is understandable because anything is much healthier than commercially produced kibble.

In every pet food selection, you will notice freeze-dried raw dog food and dehydrated dog food. People typically thought that these two were the same and interchangeable. But in reality, they have many differences.

Freeze-Dried Raw Food VS Dehydrated Dog Food

Freeze-dried raw food and dehydrated dog food are unquestionably nutritious diet options for pets. But there are several differences between these two. The food is processed differently, so the feeding routine varies.

Plus the nutritional value of freeze-dried or dehydrated pet food differs.


Freeze-Dried: The raw pet food is frozen and then goes into a vacuum chamber which will remove the ice and moisture without cooking the raw food, hence, maintaining most of the nutrients.

Dehydrated: It removes moisture with high heat that eliminates most of the nutritional value of the food.


Freeze-Dried: It maintains most of the vitamins and other nutrients in raw pet food.

Dehydrated: Vitamins and minerals are mostly lost. Approximately 50%-60% of nutritional value is lost.

Texture & Consistency

Freeze-Dried: It is lightweight and easy to crumble, making the chewing and the whole eating process easy.

Dehydrated: Pet food has a tough, cooked texture that makes chewing challenging.


Freeze-Dried: Raw pet food can be eaten as is, or you can add moisture and feed right away.

Dehydrated: Pet food should be soaked for five to ten minutes to achieve maximum moisture absorption before you can feed it to pets.

You can also feed your pets with different types of raw pet food. There is a wide range of variety when it comes to raw pet food, including frozen, air-baked, lightly cooked, and homemade raw food, which also retains almost all nutrients.

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