Determining the True Cost of Raw Pet Food

One of the main reasons many pet owners don't switch their pets to a raw food diet is the cost. When you look at the numbers, raw pet food seems more expensive than traditional kibble. But there are more things to consider before you can say that raw pet food is more pricey than kibble.

When calculating the actual cost of raw pet food, addressing the three crucial considerations is very important. Each of these variables needs to be taken into account to arrive at an actual real cost of raw pet food.

     1. Cost by Weight 

Cost by weight is the most common variable in determining the cost of a product. This variable can give upfront data if the product you're buying is more expensive than the other. If you only compare the cost by weight of raw pet food and kibble, you can say that raw pet food is more pricey. 

     2. Cost per Serving

It indicates how much each portion of raw pet food costs. Calculating the price of raw food prices using this kind of method shows the real cost of a product. You can calculate the cost per serving by dividing the cost of the product by the number of its servings. In practicality, it is the most qualified way to determine whether the price of a product is pricey or not.

For example, the cost per weight of raw pet food is much more expensive than kibble. But feeding your dog raw pet food requires less serving and frequency than kibble. It means that raw pet food is the actual cheaper product.

    3. Lifetime Cost

In many cases, this is challenging to measure with precision. The lifetime cost is based on the value of an item over many years of use. And many prices are unrelated to the product but result from lifestyle changes brought by the product.

While raw pet food is expensive in terms of cost per weight, it cannot change the fact that feeding raw pet food to your pet is cheaper because it requires a lesser amount of food but is packed with enormous nutrients.

Also, feeding raw pet food to your pet improves its well-being and can avoid going to the vet which will save you a lot of bucks in the future.

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