Can Your Dog Fart Too Much Because of Their Diets?

Our dogs are just like us, and like us, they can get a bit gassy every once in a while.

The gas that they have in their stomachs is due to some of the food they’ve been eating, but if your dogs have been farting constantly, then there might be a more serious underlying issue.

While our pet’s farts might sound a bit comical to us, this can give owners a deeper insight into how we can solve our pets’ stomach issues.

The fart made by our dogs is a by-product of digestion. This means that while our dog’s bodies are breaking down food into nutrients, some gas could be trapped in parts of their colons.

Now, these gases can only be let out by farting.

Did you know that some of this gas is mainly caused by kibbles?

Kibble is the type of dog food that we can see in most groceries and supermarkets around the country. While there’s nothing wrong with kibbles, and they’re mainly cheap, this doesn’t mean that these pet food can give many nutrients to your pets.

These types of dog food can also leave our pets unbelievably gassy.

This is why here at Houston Raw Pet Food, we encourage our pet owners to try feeding their dogs raw pet food because of all the nutrients that these raw ingredients give off.

There are so many benefits to feeding our dogs raw pet food, and we can tell you so much more when you reach out to our team at Houston Raw Pet Food.

So why don’t you browse through our website and shop for the best raw pet food for your dogs?

Houston Raw Pet Food delivers around the Greater Houston Area, though we also ship across Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, and beyond.

What are you waiting for?

A great and healthier life is waiting for your pets – start feeding them raw today.

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