Can you Feed Raw Food to your Puppies?

Are you concerned about your pup’s health? We have a perfect solution for the problem-raw food diet. Surprising as it seems, puppies are just as capable of eating raw food as adult dogs. Moreover, puppies can benefit a lot from it. Since they are in their growing stage and constantly need energy, raw food is the best they can feed on. 

Read ahead to know more about the benefits of raw food for puppies. 

How is Raw Food Beneficial for Puppies? 

Puppies can begin eating raw food from an age as young as 4 weeks. It is in fact, more beneficial as your pup gets all the necessary nutrition right from the beginning and can stay healthy for the rest of their lives. 

Further, puppies during their growing stage need protein to synthesize tissue and the best source of protein for them could be raw food. You can feed them a variety of meat which naturally fulfills all the nutrient requirements.

Raw food consists of a combination of contents that are vital for an overall nutrition requirement during your pup’s growth years. Some of those contents are:  

      1. Organs 

Organs are a rich source of minerals that are a must for puppies but they contain a very little amount of calcium. Thus, to fulfill this calcium requirement, you can mix food containing connective tissues like bones and cartilage.  

      2. Ground bone 

Feeding on ground bones provides them with minerals like manganese, zinc, iron, iodine, and copper. You can also give them raw bones to chew on. That will help in the healthy growth of their bones, joints, and teeth. 

      3. Raw meaty bones

Raw meaty bones are extremely necessary for the overall development of a puppy’s jaw, skull, neck, and shoulder muscles. It is also a great activity to satisfy their psychological and physical need for chewing during their teething stage.

Overall, raw food is the perfect meal for your puppies. You can now buy the best quality raw food from Houston Raw Pet Food in Houston, Texas. Contact us now to know more!  

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