Best Dog Food For Golden Retrievers

Golden retrievers are a unique and smart dog breed. Generally, these dogs are not picky eaters and can consume or follow any healthy diet that supports their lifestyle, age needs, and nutrition requirements. However, before picking out a diet, consider all these factors. Talking to Houston Raw Pet Food may help.

How the Golden Retriever's Age Affects its Diet

Age is an important factor when feeding a golden retriever. It factors in the dog's weight and size. Consequently, the feeding program for the dogs will depend on the growth stage they are at. Generally, you expect different foods for puppies, adults, and seniors as desired below.

a. Puppy Feeding

These targets dogs aged 2 to 7 months. Choose high-quality puppy food at this stage. Star with a cup and a half of food per day in the first month and add an extra half a cup each month as it grows. However, note that the amounts may vary depending on several factors. The food quality, the puppy's weight, and energy levels may influence how much food you give the puppy. Make sure never to skip meals as this may interfere with proper growth and cause overfeeding and obesity.

b. Adult Feeding

Generally, adult golden retrievers require about 1000 to 1700 calories daily. Nursing mothers and more active dogs will need about 2000 calories a day. Make sure to equally space the meal into two parts in the morning and evening.

Adult males can consume 3 to 3½ cups daily, with the more active dogs taking up to 4 cups. The females need 2½ cups. The exception comes with nursing mothers who need 5 to 6 cups of food daily.

c. Senior Feeding Program

Note that the aging golden retriever is less active and requires fewer calories to maintain a healthy weight. Seniors from 8 years require approximately 900 calories that should be split into two meals. In addition, it helps to work with a vet once your dog reaches old age.

Nutritional Needs

Golden retrievers, like other dogs, have specific nutritional needs. Make sure that the dog food you give matches these requirements.

a. Protein: Since golden retrievers are generally energetic dogs, they need enough protein to stay healthy and strong. Make sure to feed them enough protein from when they were puppies. This helps to strengthen their bones and muscles. Make sure to go for natural proteins such as fish, eggs, and meats.

b. Fatty acids: These are important to ensure the dog's energy levels remain stable and high always. They are also important for maintaining shiny skin.

c. Carbohydrates: These are needed at moderate levels to ensure the dog gets its daily dose of energy.

d. Vitamin and Minerals: These are a must-have in the retriever's diet. They ensure that the dog maintains a healthy lifestyle as they support a working immune system.

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