A Comprehensive Overview of Why Raw Pet Food Diet Is Safe

Giving your cats and dogs a raw food diet was frowned upon twenty years ago. But in many veterinary clinics nowadays, it is the favored way of nourishment. The use of raw food is popular among veterinarians and pet owners nationwide.


Although raw pet food is gaining popularity today, there are still skeptical pet owners. Their main concern is always the sanitation and safety of raw pet food.


Also, the risk of bacteria and the worry of an unbalanced diet, and with good reason. Not all raw pet food is equally made, but this article will give you insights into why raw pet food is safe.


How Safe Are Raw Pet Food Meals?


Generally, there are two kinds of raw pet food. First is homemade raw pet food. Second, the pre-made raw pet food from reputable brands.


The issue of safety and nutritional value basically comes from homemade raw pet food. Because the meats in homemade raw pet food are from butchers or store-bought. These kinds of meat are presumed to be cooked to eliminate pathogens like salmonella or listeria.


It's why following proper sanitation and procedure before making homemade raw pet food must be followed.


On the other hand, pre-made raw pet food from reputable brands is guaranteed to be safe and of high quality. One thing to ensure the safety of feeding pre-made raw food meals is that they undergo High-Pressure Processing or HPP.


HPP is a pathogen reduction treatment method that has been approved by the USDA. It uses extremely high water pressure to kill pathogens—more than is found at the ocean's bottom. Because no heat is applied during HPP, food's sensory and nutritional qualities are preserved.


As an additional measure of protection against Salmonella, probiotics are also added to raw chicken meals before HPP.


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