Go Raw - Turkey & Beef 2lb Chub


Size: 2lb

16lb Box of Chubs (Save big!!)
Size: 2lb, 16lb Box of Chubs (Save big!!)

Local and Fresh. Made right here in the greater Houston area! All meats are mixed in small batches and hand stuffed. Add a raw egg to each pound of raw fed, or one every other day. Order a 16lb or 32lb box of chubs and save big!

Delicious Ingredients: turkey, beef, turkey gizzards, beef green tripe, beef liver, beef kidneys, apples, carrots, pumpkin, celery, organic flax oil, minerals (calcium carbonate, magnesium oxide, zinc gluconate), kelp, vitamin D3 supplement & vitamin E supplement.  

878 Calories & 71g Protein & 60g Fat
7% Carbohydrates & 14% Fiber
80% USDA turkey, beef & organs
20% apples, carrots, pumpkin and celery 


Feed 2-3% of a dog's ideal body weight daily. An estimate of $1.59 a day for a 15lb dog, or $3.99 a day for a 40lb dog. Go Raw can be exclusively fed, or in rotation with other nutritionally complete choices. YES, you can feed raw once a day, or twice if you like.

Thaw the easy to feed frozen pucks in a covered clean dish for an hour or two at room temperature, then serve. Frozen 2lb and 5lb chubs take 2-4 hours to thaw. We don't recommend microwaving the frozen raw pucks because this can destroy the balance of nutrients. Clean up thoroughly as you would when handling raw chicken. 


Bi-weekly home delivery to Houston and 50 miles of the surroundings. We also ship using next-day UPS Ground delivery to major cities in Texas including Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Fort Worth, and others.


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2lb, 16lb Box of Chubs (Save big!!)