Go Raw - Beef & Pork 5lb Chubs - BONELESS FORMULA


Size: 5lb Chub

5lb Chub
Size: 5lb Chub

Want to feed raw but on a tight budget? Have multiple dogs or large breed dogs and want to save $$$? WE'VE GOT YOU COVERED. GoRaw now has a boneless formula meant to be fed with store-bought chicken quarters (yep, feed it like it comes, bone included!). It's raw feeding at 1/2 the price!! 

Let's do the math: For a 100lb adult dog, you want to feed 2-3% of body weight per day. Let's go with 3%. That's 3lbs of raw food per day. 
With the boneless 5lb chubs, you want to feed 50% chub and 50% chicken quarters. So instead of 3lbs of the chub, you'll feed 1.5lbs. So about $8. Chicken leg quarters as of August 2021 were about $.46/lb. So about $0.69 for the day. So total daily feeding of $8.69 for the 100lb dog. $8.69 vs. $16.79/day. Call us if you have questions, we're here to help! 281-386-8635.
This formula is designed to be fed with raw chicken quarters. Alone, this formula is not complete and balanced. Please make sure you add chicken quarters as designed.  Local and Fresh. Made right here in the greater Houston area! USDA BONELESS beef & pork.

Adult Dogs: Feed 2-3% of desired body weight daily. Feed a ratio of 1/2 boneless raw and 1/2 raw chicken quarters daily. As always, practice safe handling as you would any raw foods.  

Beef, pork, pork hearts, beef green tripe, beef liver, beef kidneys, apples, carrots, pumpkin, celery, organic flax oil, zinc gluconate, kelp, vitamin D3 supplement & vitamin E supplement.

Min Crude Protein 13%
Min Crude Fat 7%
Max Fiber 2%
Max Moisture 74%

Nutritional Info per pound
709 Calories & 74g Protein & 38g Fat
10% Carbohydrates & 16% Fiber
80% USDA beef, pork & organs
20% apples, carrots, pumpkin and celery

Caloric Content:
1559 kcal/kg ME (Calculated). 709 calories per lb.

YES, you can feed raw once a day, or twice if you like.

Frozen 2lb and 5lb chubs take 2-4 hours to thaw. We don't recommend microwaving frozen raw foods because this can destroy the balance of nutrients. Clean up thoroughly as you would when handling any raw foods. 




Bi-weekly home delivery to Houston and 50 miles of the surroundings. We also ship using next-day UPS Ground delivery to major cities in Texas including Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Fort Worth, and others.

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5lb Chub